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What is Furry?

Furry (or the furry fandom) is lots of different things to lots of very different people. I suppose as it's base level it's an online subculture movement where people from all over the world come together who share a common interest.

The reasons people choose to identify as a furry are varied. For some it's a spiritual thing and for others its a creative genre for arts and crafts but the list could go on an on. It's mostly about an appreciation of anthropomorphic animal characters (animals with human characteristics) but this isn't always the case.

Most furs have what's known as a fursona which is in most cases an alter ego type animal character or persona they choose to identify with.

We're certainly an odd bunch there's no denying that but individuality is what makes people interesting and there's no shortage of that around the fandom.

When all said and done it's a way to express yourself and have a bit of fun.

You may have heard about the fandom from certain TV shows or news coverage. From what I've seen of TV coverage we've not always been portrayed in the best light but please disregard any preconceptions about us as a group until you get to know a few of us. Like society as a whole there are a lot of very nice people but as anyone who's ever been judged as part of a group will know it only takes the actions of a few to give everyone a bad reputation.

Be warned you may occasionally encounter artwork of an adult nature but don't let this creep you out. As with any artistic genre there is always an adult side and the Furry Fandom having grown around the internet is certainly not exempt from this (Rule 34 of the internet: if it exists there is porn of it). It's not everyone's cup of tea but there is no denying it's existence and is worth noting as you may want to avoid that if possible by turning on safe search options etc wherever possible if you're going to dig much deeper.

There are lots of other articles on what furry is so rather than getting too long winded I'll just link you to those.
Wikipedia: Furry Fandom
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